Diagnosis of a car engine by candlelight

All motorists, from beginners to professionals, they know a lot about the device of the car and its capabilities, but sometimes the most seemingly insignificant detail is not overlooked. For example, the spark plugs. But the most important part run the car, because they serve the spark that started the engine.

Spark plugs can tell a lot motorist. For example, on the engine or its parts. We must not forget that in winter, candles behave differently than in summer because in winter the engine requires a certain temperature to start, so the car is running a little longer than usual. Because of this, some motorists, driving 50-100 miles pulling out the candles, and seeing the black soot on the end, just buy a new or driven a car to a mechanics that is itself wrong.

But at cold start uses more fuel and oil, especially if oil have not changed then this carbon consequence of old oil. It may also be due to breakdown in high voltage wiring. On the new pure candlelight better to go on a long train before the diagnosis of a car engine to spark, if not possible, you should pass on them no less than 250 kilometers. And only after this diagnosis and to consult specialists.

The diagnosis of motor vehicle by candlelight

After a motorist drove a certain mileage, you can look at a candle to determine what the car problem that needs to be replaced or maybe nothing to worry. There are several criteria that can identify problems at different levels.

The first is that if you turn out a candle after a run of at least 300 miles and take a look at an electrode feed the spark, and if he has a light brown color, then the car is all right and for its internal state does not need to worry, it is in excellent condition. Especially good in this vehicle fuel consumption and no need to top up the oil to be replaced.

The second criterion is if after the same path at wringing candles present velvety-black plaque, which is deposited on the electrode due to improper installation regulation of the carburetor or air filter or clogged due to the clogging of air filter.

The third criterion for diagnosing a car engine by candlelight, many experts believe the worst, which raises the motorist on the problem in an air-fuel mixture. When unscrewing the candle color of the electrode takes color from light gray to white. This leads to additional loads of candles, the exhaust valves and combustion chamber. This can lead to overheating of the chamber and damage the exhaust valves. In this case, a motorist is better to turn in car, because this problem should deserve much attention.

The following criteria also deserves much attention, because a red tint, which remains on the candle shows that, in the fuel which passes through the carburetor, there are numerous impurities, especially iron, which is deposited on the insulation. Thus, the candle ceases to function. Need to clean the engine, which will cost no small means. Therefore, it is better to drain the oil and pour a new one. This procedure is repeated several times. This will prolong the life of not only candles but also the engine.

The fifth criterion in the diagnosis of a car engine to spark evidence of excessive oil waste. Sign by which it will be possible to determine - it clearly shows the presence of oil on the spark plug threads. This will be followed by a longer running machine, white and blue exhaust and "triplets". But with heating work will stabilize. In this case, you should check the work maslootrazhatelnyh caps, because their work could be compromised.

Sixth sign is when the spark plug, which pronounced the layers of oil and unburned fuel indicates the destruction of the valve or septum between the piston rings in contact with iron parts between the valve and its seat comes into disrepair. In this case, without the help of specialists from around because repair is already inevitable. In this case, "MAKING" will be permanent and will increase fuel consumption up to two times.

The seventh criterion for diagnosis of a car engine on candles is not the suitability of candles because of the broken electrode and ceramics. This could contribute to unsuitable work candle, that is her marriage or long knock, followed by the engine. With luck, if the particles are destroyed proskochat candles in the exhaust system and then not have to repair the cylinder head.

The latter criterion leads to melting of the electrode spark plugs. This occurs during the combustion of oil, which form the oil scraper rings. The main sign of wonder - it's an unpleasant smell the exhaust is blue with a strong added gas.

Best spark plugs changed at run of about 30 thousand kilometers, fully-serviceable engine. But forget diagnose the candles do not need. Approximately every 10,000 miles is necessary to check their condition, to swap, because the temperature on each candle is different. You can also change the candles on the season, that is, the departure of winter and summer to buy a new departure for them all-zero temperature. We hope you will help our article and you'll be able to diagnose a car engine by candlelight.

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