Toyota Camry Hybrid

MG 1 (Motor-Generator 1) will be responsible for the production of electricity, feeding it with the battery. Including the power to enter the MG 2 with

MG 2 (Motor-Generator 2) force is acting in conjunction with the engine spinning drive shaft. The torque is higher than that will help drive is very powerful, soft and creamy as when shut and drive by while braking MG 2 this will be converted to a General Operator for electricity returned. The battery as gum Science.

In the gear set is a CVT: Continuously Variable Transmission has the ability to transform ratio independently. The computer control system. To organize forms of energy that is used by the engine or electric motor. Although HSD oil tank runs out, it also helps you move to another 1-2 miles to take you to the gas station.

The drive shaft is a gear installed in it. "To organize the torque of the motor and the engine by MG 2 (in the manual indicates that the MG-T or Torque) will be installed on the drive shaft. For extra torque to the drive. The drive shaft ends with a set PSD: Power Split Device installed on the one side is connected to the engine. The other side is connected directly to the MG 1 (or MG-S: Speed ​​in the manual) to adjust the speed of the wheels to the speed of the engine and MG 1 sure enough by MG 1 is also used to absorb the difference between the vehicle speed. And around the machine as well.

The system will vary depending on the needs of speed and torque to be used. Can be divided as follows.

Low Gear, while accelerating the speed to low. Engine will not have role But if the motor MG 1 to serve as input to generate electricity MG 2, then twisting force to the spinning drive shaft again.

High Gear at the speed of movement. RPM slower than the speed of the wheels. But when you want to accelerate to overtake MG 1 MG 2 is acting as assistant immediately.

Reverse Gear No reverse gear in the system. But will rely on negative power delivered to the MG 2 instead.

Silent Operation mode, the engine does not rely in any way. The power to enter a single MG 2.

Regenerative Braking, which is positioned to take power from the MG 2 is a generation change, while slow-speed router. Fed back to the battery also contributes to increase braking force also.

compression Braking by HSD is a special gear system, which will replace existing automatic transmissions. For helping to brake in time or on steep downhill. The system adjusts the Regenerative Braking is, but when the system detects that the battery charging and braking excessively The system will change to Compression Braking is automatically distributed to the strength of MG 2 MG 1 again.


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