About brake ABS

About brake ABS (1).

Car wheel anti-lock brakes ABS with questions from people interested in cars asked.
"Today, ABS braking systems become a key component of the car away already?".

For maximum safety of drivers and passengers. Automotive industry has discovered and developed security technology variety. Whether it is the brake ABS, airbag, extra beams GNP. In this time ABS brake system will be discussed technology that will help stop the car confidently state tight

Brake ABS stands for Anti-Lock Brake System, or wheel anti-lock braking system. Called this because Can prevent. Lock the wheels when the brakes. Then the wheels are locked or not. Happened and how to affect driving.

Simply explain that the car in motion. Force is transmitted to the car or anything in the car moves forward. This force we call you that "inertia" the amount of inertia is more or less depending on weight and speed of the car at that time. If during the drive to have good cause to stop suddenly. The only way to do it is. Find a resistance force to the amount that is equal to the inertia that To stop the car. Resistance is the most secure. Force from the brake Brake Design Engineer. The use of friction Time we step on brake The pedal force is increasing by the beam break system of the leg pad brake, vacuum pot, add a positive force, and a hydraulic system enough to force the wheel will be higher than the inertia But the force will not have any effect even if the brake to the brake plate and the rubber on the road right here no stiffness associated with the lock of the wheels.

Friction between the brake plate to brake, no problem. Because the region is designed to be stiff as they need. (If the brake is that the price was no problem and research it is not certainly the coefficient of friction Brake will not equal that of the original design engineers took over) the problem is. Rubber friction with the road surface. Because if the friction. Less than Friction between the brake plates and brake with less inertia, such as on slippery roads, gravel roads, street flooding, or as in countries with very cold in the ice sheet. Wheel lock will be dead. Then slip in the direction of the inertia that occurs. Now does not that will turn the steering wheel to the whichever. Vehicles will continue to slide The direction of the inertia is offline Nenแhea sure enough the dangers of the wheels locking while braking death.
Next time it comes out that each of the function. And precautions in the use of brakes ABS.
ABS anti-lock brake system wheel come from the idea of solving the problem of slipping while braking. Due to the friction of the brake system is greater than the friction of the rubber to the ground vehicle. We know that. While we do not want to brake the wheel lock will die of a vehicle and the wheels do not lock the dead because of the strength of the press brake. To prevent the wheels locking. Must disconnect the power from braking. Brake release but did not stop the car back and forth as conditions continue.

Engineer is to solve this problem by designing a system to capture braking function - release in a fast tempo, about 50 times per second if it was done so fast it makes you want to work with both ways. The wheels do not lock the ability to control the direction of the car. At the same time, it can make cars stop by. But to the brake system work it must have a device that is quite complex involved as to the detection of rotation of the wheel, with the processor and so on to note that the speed of rotation of the wheels on each side began. stationary or difference or not. How to order before the brakes work. Including a set of pumps and valves, capable of working with dozens of frequencies per second.

Behavior let this hold any own drivers, some wonder if the car's brakes to their unusual or not. Because when the brake pedal spasm frequency and resistance that brake pedal, which in this case, if the ABS system does not show anything wrong, but it works well. If a car with no ABS system and symptoms like that would be similar to the car inspection centers and Czech defeated parties. Brake it may bend or loose parts off what time.

Of these will probably make you get to know ABS brakes prevent wheel lock up a lot before you try to check the brakes of their car. The precautions that would leave that ABS brakes do not stop the instant the car more. Back to the braking distance longer, but even ABS braking allows the vehicle steering control while braking on the slippery road surfaces only.

ABS: safe to learn.


Every car has brakes are basic, but the brakes suddenly serious. Or on a slippery path to a higher risk of symptoms ABS wheel lock has been added to. To reduce those risks.

Car manufacturers are developing the efficiency of the brake system based throughout To stop the growth of high-performance engine that never stops to develop. Add a perfect complement to HP such as disk brake cooling well. Visit brake meat. And the multiple other ways.

Whether the brake system in a superior foundation for any Another problem is still there. The risk of accidents is the brakes and wheel locks symptoms - to stop rotating. While the car. To try to move on, such as when a sudden braking or braking rapidly on the path of violence slippery When the wheel lock will result in uncontrollable steering direction. The normal car rounded or slanted - Turn Cygrong have.

Even those driving skilled Solutions are self-conscious by setting press brakes hard, but tolerable Then released to any reiterated frequently not pressed repeatedly frozen to prevent wheel lock. But the real hard drive. It may be a lack of concentration or thought behind repeat, but not frequently enough.

Is the only system that was developed to complement. When a non-ABS brake system and requires no foundation. 4-wheel disc brakes are disc front - drum rear or four-wheel drum, it also must exist.
ABS still acting brake fluid and relieve pressure alternately to prevent any wheel lock frequency. When braking in a strange situation above, beyond human control is accurate and more frequent. A catch - and release the brake switch many times per second. The driver is responsible. Press hard on the brake pedal only

Why should the anti-wheel lock.
Due to the steering wheel can be ready to brake suddenly. No brakes and blunt force to send the motion without a direction control. And prevent the car rounded slanted - spin
Try compare car ride to the ground very slippery ice. And a press brake quickly - force Wheel stops rolling - log. While the car to skid on. The force in motion.
Or centrifugal. The steering wheel is almost useless because it will swerve to the left. If the car is sliding to the right to send forces. It will not be able to navigate to the left. As you wish.
Braking in a situation like that. Had to slow down while still able to control direction. With the steering wheel. Not to let slip by independent In normal braking. Not sudden. Or path is not smooth. ABS did not have the opportunity to work brake pressure control. To the actual performance of the brake system is mainly based only

What circumstances. To ABS.
In the snow. Or coated with ice, the ground path. ABS has the opportunity to work more often. But in tropical countries generally. ABS has a reasonable chance to work as a brake on the road, but wet with water. Curves and sand dust. Including the road dry. But with a quick braking suddenly serious. By anyone not see the benefits of ABS. In braking, while each wheel touching the skin path is different, such as binding of moving to avoid pavement
Only two wheels with two wheels on the right road, but the other two friction wheels left the pavement on the gravel surface, if any braking force and rotate the car may have Cygrong.

Imagine if the brakes on each wheel contact surface slippery path difference is not clear example. Ja test drive in a foreign country. Field testing of a tiled surface very slippery strip inserted on one side of the concrete or asphalt that is normally stiff. Then the injection of dry throughout. From driving cars without ABS to two wheels in the left hemisphere ride on the road surface normal and the other two wheels ride on the right side of the wet tiles. When you press a brake force to turn the car in immediately because Cygrong two wheels on the wet tiles will stop rotating lock quickly. When that testing cars with ABS I can brake in a straight path while the car is. Top Recreational routes, such as sand, gravel dust, ABS can help when you need good braking or sudden force.

Compare the behavior of ABS And braking distance is easy to understand.
People wearing rubber floor flat on the concrete if fast then there are two ways to stop.
1. Virtually no ABS Stop immediately Soi feet scuffing soles will go away with concrete and then stop completely with
2. Act as the ABS gradually reduce the speed of take short steps Before stopping completely. Although not scuffing sole with concrete, but it will not stop the short term than the stops. Soi stop immediately and let your feet rasp If you stay on the ice and then ground using two methods of stopping the same.
1. Virtually no ABS Stop Soi foot immediately. Boots scuffing the floor will go to the ice surface over a long distance to stop completely. Also twisted round without slipping direction.
2. Making as the ABS gradually reduce the speed of one foot slowly Soi Before stopping completely. Scuffing soles will not go to the ice surface. No slipping and twisted flick. It will be a short intermission than a stop off Soi foot immediately.

About brake ABS (2).

ABS braking system perfectly known to Part 2.
ABS does not always allow safer.
Does not mean that Driving a car with ABS brakes and will not collide. Or a shorter braking distance without ABS brakes, because in the normal ABS control is not running the oil pressure brake Brake performance and range. To gum up the brake system based only

When to brake and ABS work. It has not always shorten the braking distance. Be associated with The condition of the path with Similar to people running on road friction and stop Soi foot immediately. The slip may be few and short-term profitability. Most of the brake oil pressure control, ABS braking rarely have the opportunity to work some times a month, ABS แผeongฤdhit I have not. If not, the brake is not normal. In the above situation.

Systems and components.
ABS is based on the principal from the work of three main units (but with more than 3 items in the car a car) is to use a brake fluid pressure control unit. (Hydraulic control unit than HYDRAULIC CONTROL UNIT) only when the brake in the above situation. The insert is installed between Rear brake pipe from the mother pump brake on Before sending it to all 4-wheel brake cylinder, rather than let the brake fluid pressure to send the full when a severe brake - suddenly It will switch both increasing and decreasing brake pressure switch with the same frequency control and other commands from Electronic Control Unit (ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT), which received the signal. Processed from the sensor (PULSE SENSOR) the wheel axis or center shaft that serves handle the rotation of the wheel.

ABS is working as part of a drive. But some work only occasionally is the sensor signals to the electronic control unit at all times. To process it. At the hydraulic control unit should have a loss of functionality - add to the momentum of each other frequently alternating brake pressure to release the brake down. To prevent wheel lock or wheel, if any.
A locking control unit

Hydraulic on the order of the electronic control unit. Order to reduce the work - add the oil pressure brake The electronic control system will be examined abnormalities of both systems over the years. The display lights on the dashboard. The light goes on in the post before twisting the key. Star sprite engine in the first period. And goes out after about 5 seconds, then off to drive through. If while driving, then the ABS light to light up. Shows that at the time of any part of the ABS defective But most basic to the braking system used in accordance with normal To use caution and drive the car to be repaired. The fault that has several levels. Not lose or have to change the entire domain. Sometimes, just some bad sensor or dirty. I have a problem.

Sensor channel.
In addition, based on ABS must have three main units is the unit of a hydraulic control. Electronic control units and sensors are also subtleties such as a valve to help distribute the oil pressure brake Or must be integrated pressure control brake how channel (CHANNAL) and a few sensors (PULSE SENSOR) in the car a car, most of which have at least 3 channel 3 sensor is a two front wheels independently and then customize. whether to include the same channel or dual rear wheels independently.

Channel is the brake circuit which means the meat has a pipe connecting oil brake Pipe flow is the same channel if it is considered as a pressure release will be released simultaneously. If the increase is added together, as if the same channel. A brake pressure control. Once in the left wheel - right Whether it is locking the wheels or one wheel. It will be fixed - Reduced pressure The two-wheel brake both wheels at once the other side is not vulnerable to the log. Braking distance may be. Longer than the brake fluid pressure control only of the wheels are locked.
Therefore, if the channel separation is better than each other freely.

ABS, most have 3 or 4-channel model, with separate front left - right as each.
2 channels independent of each other. Because the front wheel braking system to bear more of the weight transfer onto the front. When the brake Should be controlled brake pressure individually. Which wheels are locked. It should control the brake pressure only to that particular wheel so
Front wheel is a 2-channel basis. Then to the number of channels in the rear wheel pair.

When the brake Vehicle weight to be taken forward. Rear wheel brake system is the double burden. Less than two front wheels. Brake fluid pressure control can be two types of designs.
2 rear wheel is the same channel. Remains - reducing brake pressure at the same time a total of 1 car.
3 Channel View Channel in the double rear wheels. Separate or independent rear wheel pair included a car.
Channel 4.
Overall, ABS 4-channel would therefore have better performance 3-channel.

Sensor is a sensing device to check the rotation axis installed at the wheel. (Or mid shaft) and then send signals to the electronic control unit to the sensor to the car with a 3-4 majority of a separate 2 car sensors for the front wheel left - right It must bear the brakes more Then to choose the pair that the wheels should be after 1 or 2 sensors on 2 wheels if a sensor 2 for each pair of back wheels. It looks like the installation of the front wheel sensors are independent of each other, but if only.
1 to 2, the rear wheel sensor is often the case in the car's rear wheel drive or four-wheel axle to the middle Using sensor signals from the shaft center, not at each wheel that send signals to the control unit E shall not be independent of the sensor, independent of each wheel, because if it was just a sensor in the wheel pair after two wheels, it can be controlled is. included. Channel in the rear wheel with a double. Because the control unit electronics solvents, can not know for how much. What are rear wheel locks. And should control the brake pressure in the wheel where.

If you look only on the number of sensor channels, or already The number of channels. Or more sensors or until 4-4 in each wheel for the car a better car than the model.
4-3 or 3-3 channel - sensors in each vehicle. It will result in a signal. And control to independently and accurately. The use of the channel or missing sensor 4-4 to 4-wheel drive is often caused Ja control the production cost is important.

Therefore, ABS 4-channel 4 all-wheel independent sensors in the car is a car with outstanding performance over a 4-3 or 3-3 channel - censorship. In the event of equipment And other infrastructure as well. If the opportunity for the ABS full 4-channel 4 is better than censorship.

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