Buying second hand car.

You want to buy a used car or new car, it depends. Should be aware of the real needs of themselves before the car will be used for object What factors continue to wish we were talking about it. Consideration in buying used cars. Should see the car we drive a car What brand. And service centers, or what after-sales service. Parts are cheap or expensive and not readily available. Because the car may need to be repaired after the purchase very little. If that is the European Car of the camp may have problems finding spare parts are difficult to price.

Or parts may have to wait long. These can be found popularity in the general if it is more commonly used spare parts will be readily available and cheap. See the production car that year old car to me. Or longer are available or not. To see if the sales continue. The price is not bad or not. No more miles each year vehicle that makes sense or not. We are going to discuss in detail the following topics offline.

1. Check the condition of the exterior of the car is. To view the external tank and see the color of the car. To view the color of the car should look any brighter. Central but not sunny Light enough to start.

1.1 positions to stand in front of the vehicle. Then sit back, look at the hood and left front. See the border and right in front of the car to stretch to the end of a line that the boundaries or borders are distorted or not be observed that the collapse of the border many boundaries. The discontinuity is assumed that this car has been painted.
1.2 take a look around the car and see the border of the door is not aligned with Roy Roy curved convex or concave or not.
1.3 more space between each panel doors that were not appropriate.
1.4 See that the nude body that color or not. The flip of a finger or tap to listen around the car by doing the sound is a solid chance that the car has been painted before. Sound must be considered valid any chest pop sound.
1.5 to see that as being a Discourse smooth skin color in common with cars or not. Because if the skin colors are embossed or concave boundaries. Or appearance of different colors.
1.6 parts around the car to look at to tell if the old owner of a car is how

2. To view the engine room opened the hood up and start from

2.1, see the beams, front radiator. Both the top and bottom. True nuts are seized. Normally shaped or not.
2.2 the condition of the engine room and the color harmony or not. If you spray a new color as well, but might be out for overhaul. To repair the engine or body repair.
2.3 See seam joints are normal. Same as 2 above.
2.4 See front left arch, right. NAME PLATE noticed a sticker that is not a normal condition or not.
See 2.5 channel flow both left and right. Nga has an indent or bend or do not. Because these Indicate an accident or just a new color should only make good

3. View engine

3.1 stains or signs of leakage of oil.
3.2 Check brake fluid level, clutch, oil, power steering. Color must be regular and clean.
3.3 level cooling solution. Must be in the level set
3.4 Automatic transmission fluid level. Color and smell of oil.
3.5 Oil level must be in the level set Color and odor must be in good condition.
3.6 Condition of the various belts. Must not be broken. Proper tension.
3.7 Check radiator, radiator cap. Must be no leakage and the water level is appropriate.
3.8 Condition of the wiring in the engine room. Must be stored.
3.9 Batteries must not be swollen. Terminal battery in good condition. And see the life of the battery, the state of water.
3.10 start listening to the sound of that engine failure or not. And it will start easily.
3.11 When the engine sound and then notice that unusual or not. Engine smooth walk or not.
3.12 Check the leakage of compressive strength. I see the oil. Measured by pulling the lever to see if there is oil in the smoke or smell burning. If yes, I have not considered. And there can be no pressure Push out the oil measuring stick side with
3:13 Walk to the end of the car noticed smoke from the exhaust. Must be white and black If abnormalities show that the engine malfunction. May have had a new engine.

4. To view the cabin.

4.1 Muk dashboard warning light look different. While turning the key switch. Then start the machine may take warning light goes out.
4.2 audio system works normally or not.
4.3 air-conditioning system. The temperature of the air adjustment Mode, Fan, Temperature works well or not.
4.4 light inside the car. Check turn signal, high beam, or that do not currently Muk page open.
4.5 glass all the windows closed or not.
4.6 seat in the work environment is usually possible to make adjustments or not.

* Overall condition of the cabin. Must be related to the age of the car. No ultra-low kilo each other or not.

5. More luggage room, car looks like the end of the room, engine

5.1 seam various , Weld, solder joint. Must not be distorted by the nearby
5.2 traces of paint. That color looks newer than the other or not.
5.3 Gutter hood. Must not lose shape
5.4 If it should turn saloon car rear view that carpet tools, spare tire, or is empty. And make sure the water is trapped or not. If the leak is probably caused by a seam of the conduit of the lid.

6. Check the bottom. Drive with that.

6.1 Press the car in front and behind. To look for the Shock Absorber is not hard and fast too bad. And see if there are lots of oil at the Shock Absorber or not. If a show that would be damaged.
See 6.2 and 4 lines of rubber tires is that the conditions of wear uniform or not. If not, consistently show that the zero-wheel suspension and should have noticed a problem with split rubber. Or a tear or not. Tire brands and models all at the same or not. Because each tire brand, each model is designed to use. And trucks will be different depending on the manufacturer of that brand tires. If the wrong type of rubber used to cause harm.

6.3 free period will be a little steering wheel. If it is possible that too much. Garage to be a problem.
6.4 If you can examine a car underwater. To see if there is corrosion of the tank around the filling. SAS does not match the species to decay by or welding distortion caused by the fracture of the SAS Seas.

7. Tested by driving If possible, select the drive by road may look like.

7.1 Test System supports that work well or not, Shock Absorber, springs, leaf springs, while the test runs that the noise from the bottom or not.
7.2 We will accelerate the connection of vehicles. Abnormal noise occurs or not.
7.3 sound when car runs into the cabin much.
7.4 when running at high speed road car should be good enough. And there can be no symptoms or frame shook back and forth.
7.5 was turning left and right view that Suspension noise or not.
7.6 The work of the ABS braking system is working properly or not. The work of the ABS brakes when a sudden braking will be moved up and down the brake pedal from time to time. While not withdraw its foot off the brake pedal. If the display is normal.
7.7 Sighting car while running. That pull back and forth a loud one or not. And steering straight fit or not.
7.8 Editing the air compressor while driving noise is normal or not. If you are too noisy due to the clutch bearing, air compressor, front damage.
7.9 After the test drive and then start to leave the moment. Unusual to see it again.

8. The books, car registration documents.

We know the history of the automobile by examining the basic view of car registration book. Will know that this car through the use of the already small number. Changing the color of the car and the engine or not. Should be buying a car that comes through the use of one hand. Or the owner alone. Will allow us to ask the car history. Documents that should care most about. Book is not listed should be changed without signatures of registered staff transportation director if the book should not have any suspicious trading to the car.

But the final price would have to look at the car that suits me. Because the car was purchased to see the reality that the state car of this size. Price is likely to be located around this Because if the car will take a new car rivals. Will provide cheaper, it would be difficult to find or not find it. Therefore, should keep in mind, because that's not right and good in the world. Should be chosen to suit Price Auto. And purpose of use offline.



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