Loose equipment purchase or repair good.

Engine, which powers the car's driving a car Thung parts will

To work every second. Shall be worn as inevitable, whether the bus. Any new or old, it will not escape.

Out expiration. The use of the engine. Problems to be seen is how the car will go back.

Engine complete with the most value for money and have two choices to decide carefully is.

Repair the old one. And change the engine (used), the two new options to have both advantages and

Disadvantages of different away.

To repair the old one (OVERHAUL).

Language villagers called "office machines" as an alternative to garage like it and I recommend that customers choose Thee this

Because the old repair. Must be dismantled parts. Analysis and decision to wear.

Select the new parts. The majority of car owners Garage assigned to buy a prepaid jars, it is open.

The Garage can provide. "Cost plus parts, spare parts or buy fake But the price of genuine parts bill.

Do not think Hunt will be at this point. Because the garage is almost always familiar with PDA and hosting usually let down.

Whatever in the bill. Some time has not changed. Parts list, but there are also a bill, and do not think

That would solve this problem by buying parts themselves. Garage service will have an even Vehicle owners and may not be experienced enough to do.

If the delay is not due to buy spare parts or buy the wrong version of the message plus costs. A reduction in the bill PDA sometimes

No small amount of money. This was because some of 50-100% positive about this is that ethics also cradle

Repairs will be cost plus profit from spare parts Also have positive charges of "Lathe" more

Tens of percent. Finally, the demolition of them, wages 2000-3000 baht (transit force.

A 1000-1500 U.S. only) Select how old repairs. Will have to pay for about 3-7 days with the use

Lib highly paid and hard to control. It is based on the weight of "teeth" of the U also have a chance to win.

And craftsmanship with pictures of the engine wear. Will determine the better alternative is the limit.

The "wear and tea Lift cylinder (bearing)."

If the cylinders are worn and can not use the same sets of machining the piston coring to change the larger piston.

Refers to the cost ... Lathe, pistons and piston rings. Cylinder boring, etc. This will not be later.

The "hardening" of the original cylinder surface is peeled away with hardening. From the manufacturer.

Cylinder surface is not hardened. The rate of wear than standard Engine lifetime.

Short and not worth the money to be spent selecting a repair method. Repair the old engine. Will be worth it when

Europe is the engine of the car. The amount of the old engine, which brought in sales as well. And less expensive, but if

A Japanese car. Parts of the old engine on the market and a large selection of fully

Another is that. Choosing old office will be worth it when No need to change the pistons, bearings (tea Lift) and

Valves, as well as in terms of cost. Because if the cost of office equipment over 50% of the price old

In Chiang Kong.

What is to be aware of. Garage services most. Tend to estimate the initial repair. To encourage.

Choose how to repair the old engine. But when the act already. Costs will escalate and with no control.

Claims that "Do one good to do it," the time it would return the same behind. Because the machine was tear

How come, then it must be done.
Change engine

Most of the engines used Japanese cars. Have been widely available for purchase at attractive prices by

This is a great source Siangkong Bangna was followed by Chiang Kong. Pathumwan area behind the National Stadium.

And at the intersection of Lak in a run. "Lak Chiang Kong," There is also a Siangkong Rangsit and small shops spread

In the quarters around the city.

Engines that are imported. Is the engine through the use of then total Was removed from the vehicle.

Be left in the cemetery car in Japan Japanese people often use the same car only 3-5 years because the Japanese cars are cheap, but value.

Who bear the repair cost if the time limit for this The cost of maintenance. Inspection of the register.

Insurance, etc. and the option of purchasing a new car is worth way more than

Use in 3-5 years does not mean that it mercilessly through the use of a hundred other bear.

Miles a Thai Because a great mass transit system. Many Japanese people. Car has just Saturday -.

Sunday only

In addition to the abandoned car of the above reasons. I have a car that was left because of an accident. "Not worth repairing."

Insurance companies will claim a new car customers. With the old car to leave the car to the cemetery.

Do not think the car is left will be people in Thailand because of a wrinkle, not worth repairing "the Japanese are.

People of the eggs did not change the knots. Since labor is very expensive. Will be drawn sex rap that color is not worth it surely is sometimes just

End collisions and falling pole bent car door was left then.

If an accident does not occur until the engine is damaged. Remove the engine will be transported for resale in the city.

Thailand as well as the former car owners do not want to leave because read N Tong register.

Some time after the car accident was caused through the use of only wood. N or a few months but before the end stage "Rnanoin" with

Repeat if anyone lucky enough to buy this type of purchase it was Crazy. Stream in the old price.

The engine was sent to sell the mix between "car left" and "car accident" that no one take.

Recognize each other, even our own people.

Engines, but most are 50-70% lower than the state does not exactly calculable from the use by

Average of 30-40 miles per day in the capital (round trip - Ladprao - Thonburi side) will be used approximately one year.

14,000 km 56,000 km 4 years, it remains that we use more than 50%.

Some may be used less. It was abandoned because of the crash. Moreover, the competition for vendors.

Auto Parts is more serious. Need to be selected as the engine in good condition for resale.

The cost of buying a new engine (used) in the technical buying. To get the engine.

Remains valid for most
The advantages of choosing to change the engine.

Reliability of composite parts - technicians in the manufacturer would better craftsmanship than to the continental U.

If "office equipment" must win in craftsmanship include Part D last but not good, skilled crash.

Control costs - the main cost is just the machine, the spark plugs, fabric clutches, oil on Garage.

Plus a service can not spare much as the tools to fit the outage lower labor office equipment 3000-5000.

Replaced the U.S. as a 2000 -3000 baht.

Cost is lower than the Fit engine - the office computer to complete the machine near the 100% required.

Use genuine parts are expensive, excessive All parts prices. Expensive than the price one another and even use

Parts of good and how The complete engine out, it will only "near" 100% or about 80 -.

90% of itself, because many parts are worn then.

Parts discount stores - should keep the old engine back home (If you have a store) because parts may be different.

Available in the future. If storage is not enough. Spare parts, pull out different stores, such as the Charger, the starter,.

Carburetor, Hanhnri cable, plugs, fuel pump delivery, Fly Wheel, Thawee clutch, fabric clutches, water pumps.

These devices, etc. as our profit. The future, if these parts will have free use of the spare parts not, there is.


Save time - change device takes only 1-2 days without trouble free fast.

Travel expenses for several days. Unlike fitness machines that take 3-7 days.

Credit: sawangsangtam.
Credit. http://www.hondaloverclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16961.


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