Start the engine and warm morning.

After parking your car in sleeping at night. The engine was hot when using it to cool down until the temperature Phu. Not equal or close to the environment and at the time the engine is still cool. If the engine is in use, it will wear very high. But it is something that can not be avoided. This article contains suggestions for The car in the morning, after starting the new machine. However, before reaching recommendations. Let's look at the cause before I wear the same offline.

The main reason that the engine will have a high rate of wear in the morning when a cold engine is as follows.

- We are starting the engine. Oil together on the bottom of the engine. Can not spread to other parts lubricant. The engine. Parts in the machine directly, without friction, lubrication (there may be some residual lubricant, but very few) lead to high wear.

- Cold oil viscosity is high. Although the engine will start addictive. Oil has spread to cast Slippery parts, but the temperature of the oil is still low. Ability to lubricate it will not be good until the temperature of the engine. (Including grades of oil or a multi-grade oil changes viscosity as. Less oil than normal when Temperature changes. Will allow the wear rate decreased from this case.)

When the engine oil and heat up. Lubrication, it is more efficient. Wear rate will gradually decrease until the lowest wear rate when the engine is warming up to temperature used by us to observe at the package. Muk temperature on the panel. Currently manufacturers are often designed to heat the needle when it is at the center position. Of the package, it would mean that the engine temperature is at work just then.

Reasons as mentioned above Readers want you to consider these recommendations see
1. Since I'm starting the engine. The period of most wear so if we want to minimize engine wear. We will need to restart the computer at most times. And only a short time only, or that is, we need to start the engine of our ease of installation.
1.1 Care must be checked for electrical and related gums. Stay home and start the engine. According to the manufacturer, such as spark plugs battery starter (gasoline), ignition system wires connect the dots, etc..
1.2 must be moderated and check fuel system is always at least as party manufacturers, such as the fuel filter pump carburetor fuel injection pipe, etc..
1.3 engine adjustments are set correctly. As specified by the manufacturer.

2. After starting installation of new equipment. Should not make the engine work hard until the engine Mon. A hot temperature use.
2.1 When the computer starts, you should let it install. (Warm) while that while many are introduced. From a few seconds. Up to the minute. For comments, I would leave around 8 to 12 seconds is enough oil to lubricate the flow distribution to Members. Bicarbonate parts are thoroughly. Then the car now. If the area where the air is cold, it should be left as more Na I offline so that I buy a new car Oil is not too sticky.
2.2 out car elegance. Accelerate the rate at low Use low speed (should not exceed 2500 rpm.). Until the temperature gauge needle up near the center and then drive leisurely Now it offline.

3. Cooling system.
3.1 Care must be checked and cooling system regularly. Manufacturers such as the level of cooling water. Radiator fan and liquid rust belt, water pump thermostat and straight, safe, etc. The cooling system running efficiently. Will allow the engine. Just start new. Temperatures up to at temperatures quickly and maintain engine temperature in a temperature above. The rice at any time.
3.2 Thermo tournament play a piece, safe and very important one to make K. The tools to vehicles coming in at the temperature quickly and maintain the temperature above. That the constant yet. The on-off valves, water cooling water through the pot as. Utility for cooling at a rate appropriate amount. Associated with changes in temperature of the engine so the thermostat off and straight away it safe. As a result, the performance of cooling down.

4. Oil.
4.1 grade oil used to meet the manufacturer specified. Oil with viscosity much or too little. Lubrication will cause the overall performance down.
4.2 Change oil and filter according to distance or scheduling period (depending on the stage of the first) as specified by the manufacturer. Old oil over the life of a work to qualify. Under the lubrication of wear debris. The residual oil is clearly stated in the accelerated wear Hrn. The components of the various
Much more better. " In addition, various performance additives (additives) are mixed in oil degradation is the ability to do the d gone.

And follow the instructions above. As a result, the wear rate of the engine to slow the engine will last for long and will save the repair or maintenance costs in the long term. However. For those who have less. Always have to hurry, or that the car just turned up buying a new one this. E would have to consider the same I weighed myself offline.

This article is the author intended to say only that the new starter motor, the machine while the engine is still cold has not been near the. Mentioned as the engine temperature is higher than the temperatures used, however. Authors also have a brief introduction that if your car is warming up and high (more than 3 / 4 of the package) should not be too difficult to drive very next It will hurt the engine. And can cause severe damage to the engine. You should take the park and technicians to check This case must be patient. Another. Driving, we should have to look at packages and warning light on Muk always trying to make a habit. This will help in safety and reduce damage significantly. If your car has a bug occurs.



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