Knowledge of the piston and rings.

Pistons move up and down within the cylinder. To the mechanical routine in the rhythmic charge.
Ideal mixture compression ignition and exhaust emit the most important functions of the piston is.
The pressure from the burning and send the force to an axle. Swing through the piston.
Piston that has been heat The highest temperature ever made and
Resistance must be able to work around high for a long time your company being generally cylindrical.
Made of aluminum alloy. This lightweight and effective in.
Heat better than other materials, the name of the parts of the piston is shown.
In the illustration below.

Phase space of the piston. (The distance between the piston and cylinder).
When the piston is hot and humid. It will expand slightly. As a result, the line cut to zero.
Middle increasing. For this reason, all machines in the engine so that the distance d between the channels.
With the appropriate piston-cylinder at room temperature (25 E. Beach, 77 ° f) at the moment
Called phase space piston Phase space is inverse to the piston depending on the type.
Engine. But the term normally starts from 0.02 to 0.12 mm (.To 0.0008.
0.0047 inch) piston looks like a slender tapered slightly. Is the distance route network cut to zero.
Central piston head is smaller than the bottom of the piston slightly. Thus, phase space
Most of the piston head so large piston And narrowest at the bottom of the piston.
Phase space of the piston is measured differently. Depending on the type of
See the engine repair business for the measurement points between. Ya gap piston

Phase space of this piston is very important. So that the engine is working properly.
And performance have improved. If the gap distance is less. Will not phase
The gap between piston and cylinder When the piston warming will cause the piston to stick.
With the cylinder. The result can cause engine damage.
Term if the gap is too large. On the other hand, are caused by pressure.
Burning and the pressure of the gas burner will. The performance of the machine.
Vehicles decreased.

Sun Co ball ring are assembled in the piston ring groove. Diameter and under.
Outside of the piston ring is slightly larger than the piston itself Pr. A pick to the piston.
The ability to stretch and contraction of the ring has expanded to make it to attach to.
Close to the cylinder walls. Piston rings must be made of metal highly resistant to wear.
Special Class cast chrome plating. So that the piston rings will not scratch the barrel.
Smoke trace of piston rings vary by the type of engines usually
Will consist of three or four rings on a piston ball.

Piston ring with its three main functions. To protect the air mixture.
And fuel leaking from the gap between the piston cylinders to act on any shaft room.
Swing during the compression stroke and ignited. The second duty is to protect oil.
Lubricant side of the piston to cylinder Shall not slipped into the combustion chamber.
The last page. Heat transfer from the piston to the cylinder walls to help.
The piston to cool down.

Compression ring.
This compression ring to prevent leakage of the mixture of air and play the infection. I and the gas.
From the combustion stroke during compression. And explosion into the room, not to the crankshaft.
This compression of the ring depends on the type of engine. In general, piston
One child will have two compression rings called "Ring on the compaction" and "compression ring.
The second "compression ring is a tapered style. So, the bottom of it.
Contact with the wall cylinder. Such design for the purpose of the attached contact.
Close as well. Between ring and cylinder It is also served.
Wipe oil from the cylinder walls have a very efficient exercise video.
Piston rings are numbered "1" or "2" on the number it "1."
Meaning that the ring on the number "2" is the second ring.
Therefore, operators need to face up to this number above.

Ring oil pan.
Oil ring sweep sweep The film of oil needed to lubricate the skin.
Between the piston And cylinder walls. Wipe the excess oil and leave for
Prevent the oil falls into the combustion chamber. Ring oil pan occasionally.
Called three-ring There are two types. Ring oil pan combination.
With a three-piece The three items that are used more

This ring includes oil pan provides oil flow back through. The same size are
Around a lot, including oil hole was placed under sweeping ring groove Needham unit.
Excess oil will be swept out by sweeping the flux ring into the hole.
These and flow back into the inside of the piston.

Sweep the three-piece oil ring contains. Sheet pan sides to sweep
Remove excess oil. And the way in which the pressure plate to sweep close to the side.
Cylinder and the oil ring groove ring sweep of this three-piece. Act like
The same combination.

Gap mouth ring
Piston rings to expand when hot in the same manner as the piston is why this
Piston ring has a single cut mouth. And when combined within the cylinder.
The remaining space is called proper ring gap mouth. This phase space.
Will vary depending on the type of machine. But usually in the range of 0.2 to 0.5 mm
(0.008 to 0.020 inch) at room temperature.
If the gap distance ring mouth too much. Compressive strength of will.
Fall term if the engine is too small to make the mouth ring.
The engine has. Because the tip of the ring will be adjacent.
From the expansion of the heat. Make up the ring deflection.
Damaged wall of the cylinder.


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